Saving two furry friends: Coulee Region Humane Society seeks community’s help to pay for surgeries

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) — An Onalaska animal shelter is asking for your help after two furry friends were brought in needing lifesaving surgeries. 

The Coulee Region Humane Society in Onalaska helps animals find a new home, but the animal shelter also does more than that. It makes sure every animal gets a second chance at life. 

Hermes and Leo recently arrived at the shelter. 

Hermes came in as an owner surrender. The kitten needs his entire ear canal removed — a surgery his previous owners could not afford.  Leo was saved after a car hit him, both his back legs are fractured and without a plate put in his pelvis, Leo can’t move. 

“He needs surgery now in order to have a good prognosis. Our goal is to just move forward. We know that is could put us behind,” said executive director Heather Drievold. 

Hermes and Leo aren’t the only animals who have arrived at the shelter needing medical assistance. 

It is common common for animals to be brought in needing medical attention, Drievold said. 

One of the most common reasons animals are surrendered to the shelter is that owners can no longer pay for their  medical expenses. 

“Having health ailments that the owner can’t afford and working to surrender because they’re trying to help that animal have that second chance in hopes that we can kind of get that animal helped through the veterinary field,” Drievold said. 

The shelter has a budget for these medical expenses, she said, but it is limited. 

Hermes’ and Leo’s surgeries are expected to cost a total of $11,000 – a number far higher than the shelter anticipated. 

Despite the costly surgeries, the Coulee Region Humane Society is committed to providing both animals with the operations they need, but it needs community support to afford them. If the shelter is unable to raise the funds, it may have to euthanize an animal, although it is too early to tell because future expenses are unpredictable.

You can donate to Hermes’ and Leo’s surgeries fund here.

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