Sara Hougom’s mom asks D.A. to explain where the case stands

Pao Choua Vue wants to withdraw his guilty plea

The mother of shooting victim Sara Hougom asked the La Crosse County District Attorney to explain where the case stands.

On Monday, one of the two men convicted in the death of 20-year-old Sara Hougom filed a post-conviction motion to withdraw his guilty plea.

Pao Choua Vue, 23, pleaded guilty to first degree reckless homicide. Pao Choua Vue and his nephew Kong Ryit Vue are serving a 35 year sentence behind bars for the shooting death Hougom at her apartment in 2012. Kong Vue nephew went into her apartment to steal her purse and shot her.  Pao Choua Vue drove the car to get away.

On Thursday, Hougom’s mother Sherry went to the La Crosse County Courthouse with about 50 people and asked La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke to explain what’s happening.

“They’re asking to withdraw the guilty plea and they have to convince the judge there’s some good reason for that,” Gruenke said. “It’s not an automatic. So we’ll have a hearing to decide whether or not it’s “appropriate in this case.”

“We’re here today because we’ve been thrown back into a heartache of hell,” Sherry Hougom said. “Now it’s up to the judge, and I’m hoping that he has that same passion, drive and excellence to make the right decision. For Sara, for me, for Tim, for this community.”

A hearing on Pao Choua Vue’s motion has not been set yet.