Sam’s Club rolls out safer store credit cards

Embedded microchips make cards harder to counterfeit

After a series of data breaches involving other retailers, a national warehouse club chain is taking a stand against credit card fraud.

Sam’s Club is embedding microchips in its store credit cards starting Monday.

The new security feature stores all of your financial information on the card instead of on the magnetic strip, making it harder to counterfeit.

The new cards now have a unique authorization code with each swipe.

“If you went to a merchant and stuck your card in there and somebody would happen to get a hold of that credit card information like what happened with Target, now they’re not going to be able to take those card numbers because it’s unique chip that’s in that card and they can’t produce those cards and use them for other transactions,” said Leah Fritsh, credit card manager for Citizen’s State Bank.

By October 2015, retailers and banks that do not use microchip technology will be responsible for fraudulent purchases.