Salvation Army, Team Rubicon announce Fort McCoy donation partnership

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) — Beginning today, the Salvation Army is teaming up with Team Rubicon to help manage donated goods for the Afghan refugees at Fort McCoy.

Donations for the refugees will be accepted at four Wisconsin Salvation Army locations including the location at 223 N. 8th St. here in La Crosse. The other three donation spots are located in Milwaukee, Madison and Wausau. The La Crosse location is open for donations from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Part of the mission of the Salvation Army says in our mission statement to meet human needs without discrimination,” Steven Merritt, Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Division commander for the Salvation Army, said. “It doesn’t matter what the need is, it doesn’t matter who the individuals are, if there’s a need the Salvation Army just wants to step forward and be able to provide what we can.”

Team Rubicon has a warehouse full of donations at the National Guard Armory in Sparta, but those donations aren’t all exactly what the refugees need.

“We are in need of some things we don’t have very much of. That would be small sizes of winter clothing, coats, hats and gloves, and shoes,” Team Rubicon Volunteer Jeff Wagg said.

Volunteers with Team Rubicon are helping out at the Armory, sorting and sending off donations to Fort McCoy. Most donations at the Armory come from big corporations for ease of sorting. This partnership with the Salvation Army will allow everybody to bring items.

New items are preferred to help streamline the sorting process, and get those critical goods to refugees quicker. Wagg also noted that plain, modest items are preferred.

Wagg says the organizations will continue to accept and sort donations until all needs are met.

For those interested in donating who cannot make it to one of those locations, Team Rubicon has a wish list on Amazon. Those items are shipped directly to the facility in Sparta.

Donations in Milwaukee can go to the Salvation Army Oak Creek Corps on 8853 S. Howell Ave., in Madison to Salvation Army Madison Corps on 3030 Darbo Drive, and in Wausau at the Salvation Army Wausau Corps on 202 Callon St.

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