Salvation Army remembers homeless who died in La Crosse in 2016

Wednesday was Homeless Persons' Memorial Day

La Crosse’s Salvation Army is honoring local homeless people Wednesday who have died as part of a national day of remembrance.

The ‘National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day’ is a chance for communities across the country to take the time and think about the issue of homelessness and the problem it presents.

The Salvation Army of La Crosse is taking the day to remember 14 individuals who passed on in our community this year.

“If you just take a moment to think about homelessness and the problem that it presents in our community, and maybe some ways try to sit down and think of some ways, that’s good enough. You don’t necessarily need to go out today and make the biggest difference in the world, but take it a few moments and just reflecting on it can be huge,” said Salvation Army of La Crosse Public Relations Coordinator Nick Ragner.

The Salvation Army of La Crosse typically hosts an annual event in honor of those lost, but this year the nonprofit is instead asking everyone to reflect and remember the homeless in our community.