Salvation Army receives rare coin during holiday campaign

The coin is believed to be worth $500

The Salvation Army says their most recent match day set another donations record.

Their red kettles collected more than $75,000 this past Saturday.

After area businesses matched the first $48,000 of that total the campaign raised more than $93,000 on Saturday which is a new record for the second match day.

They also received a surprise donation Tuesday when somebody donated a solid gold coin believed to be worth about $500.

“It obviously has a different luster than quarters, nickels, pennies and dimes, but it’s unusual enough just to be special. I have to say that this particular individual is extremely generous, and again, he doesn’t want any accolades of any kind,” says Major Jack Holloway of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says they don’t know yet what they’ll do with the coin, but that decision will be made once they can get it appraised.