Salvation Army helping people beat the heat

With temperatures expected to be in the 90s the next day or two, one area organization is hoping to help people beat the heat.

The Salvation Army of La Crosse is opening up their gymnasium as a cooling center during the day.

If overnight temperatures stay high, they also have the ability to open up another room separate from their shelter program to give people a cool place to stay at night.

They say extremely hot summer days can be just as dangerous as the bitter cold winter days where they would open a warming center.

“You know, when you talk about winter it sounds a little more dangerous because you have the issue of frostbite and just the coldness, but when it gets that hot out when we see those heat index values over 100 degrees, especially when it’s multiple days in a row, that’s when you’re really running into the risk of heat stroke and things like that,” said Nick Ragner.

The Salvation Army says they recently re-did most of their air conditioning system to make sure they could keep up with the need this summer.