Safety reminders for hunters ahead of gun deer season in Wisconsin

Licenses are up about 9.5 percent in Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Hunters across Wisconsin are getting ready for an annual tradition.

Starting Saturday, Wisconsin’s Gun Deer season gets underway.

Gun licenses are up 9.5 percent, meaning more hunters could be looking to land a trophy buck this year.

Health officials say that more than just gun safety needs to be on the mind of hunters.

“Half of the joy of hunting season is the camaraderie, you know. It’s interacting after hunting. Eating and drinking. And it’s those, it’s that where we really want to keep in mind again the importance of social distancing. Of masking when you’re in, when you’re in together in a tight, enclosed space,” said Gundersen Health System infection preventionist Megan Meller.

There is plenty you can do to stay safe as you head out hunting.

Always practice fire arm safety, treating any firearm like it is loaded.

Be certain of what is beyond your target before you shoot.

And you can register your deer by phone or online to help allow for social distancing.

Deer can be registered on the Wisconsin DNR website.