Run with the Chancellor gave students a chance to show off campus

Runners and walkers made their way around UWL campus

Students at UW-La Crosse enjoyed the fall-like weather on Saturday.

The 9th annual Run with the Chancellor at UWL offered a fun way for students to show off their campus to their families.

Runners and walkers made their way around the campus with Chancellor Joe Gow taking the lead. The runs started at the clock tower and wound its way through and around the campus.

Coordinators say staying active is a big part of the UWL campus community.

“Our campus is so active that runs here are really crucial, we do 3 in our department during the year, and with athletics obviously we’re a big running campus,” said Recreational Eagle Center Sport Club and Events Coordinator Jenny Larson.

About 100 people showed up for the 5 and 10k run/walks.