Rudy’s Drive-In closes up shop on Saturday

Owner says it was a great year

Along with the cooler temperatures comes the closing of an iconic restaurant in La Crosse, Rudy’s Drive-In.

Rudy’s is closing its doors on Saturday. The owner said he may be the boss, but it’s the weather that truly runs the show.

The late start to spring forced them to open a few days later than normal and now it’s forcing them to close a few days earlier because it isn’t conducive to having fun outdoors or roller skating.

But the owner says the weather didn’t stop them from having the best year on record.

“I think our particular businesses, maybe gulf courses or anyone that has a business that relies on people having fun, being outdoors, having a good time and I think the summer overall was a pretty good summer for that,” said Gary Rudy, the owner of Rudy’s Drive-In.

Rudy said they hope to open up on the first day of spring next year, which is usually around March 21.