Rudy’s Drive-In closes for the season

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Rudy’s Drive-In closed its doors for the season on Wednesday.

Despite the pandemic, staff said it was a good season.

The restaurant kept the dining room closed but was able to add additional seating outdoors.

Plus, those classic drive-in car stalls really gave them the upper hand this summer.

Unfortunately, those popular glass root beer mugs were not available this year, but the menu stayed the same otherwise.

The manager said there are a lot of unique reasons it continues to be a popular spot in La Crosse.

“You can’t really go anywhere else in the La Crosse area to get roller-skating waitresses, outside seating, and [being able] to bring your pets here with you. It’s a family event. Then everybody looks forward to seeing us in the spring again,” said Justin Smith, Rudy’s manager.

Rudy’s has been open for over 80 years!