Rudy’s Drive-In begins serving La Crosse customers for the season

It’s an unofficial, yet delicious, sign of spring in La Crosse. Rudy’s Drive-In is open for the season!

The warm-weather experience returned Monday morning, with classic meals, root beer and car hops on roller skates.

This is about the normal time of year the La Crosse location begins serving customers. Managers say running a seasonal business is a unique experience.

“Get all the employees back, hire a bunch of new ones too that possibly have gone off to college or found other jobs, and then get the place cleaned up, get all the food back in and stuff. It’s kind of like opening up a new restaurant every year,” said Rudy’s Drive-In Manager Justin Smith.

This season marks Rudy’s 85th year in La Crosse.

Managers hope to open the Sparta location during the first week of April.