Rotary Lights hosts first annual couples reunion event

Those who got engaged or married at Rotary Lights gathered to share stories

Many in the area know it isn’t Christmas without the annual display of Rotary Lights down at Riverside Park.

But for many couples in the area, the Rotary Lights have become part of their family.

Every year people get engaged or married at Riverside Park while the rotary lights are shining bright.

The organizers started to notice and decided to do something special for the couples this year by creating a free event for all the couples who have met, got engaged or married at rotary lights.

“Most of the people here tonight have not met each other before. So it’s kind of neat that they have that in common that they all have had some sort of rotary lights experience over the previous 19 years,” said Pat Stephens, president of Rotary Lights.

At the event, one couple realized this isn’t just their tradition every holiday season.

“I thought we were kind of the beginning of a tradition to get married at Rotary Lights. I didn’t realize how many couples where rotary lights have been so much a part of their relationship as well,” said Kaley and Paul Jacobson.

The Jacobson’s are about to share their special spot with more couples, as three more weddings took place on Saturday, as well as six more engagements.