Rotary Lights accepting donations of old, broken Christmas lights

Money to go back into Rotary Lights program

As many of us begin setting up decorations for the holidays, you may notice bad or broken lights. But don’t throw them out!

The Rotary Club of La Crosse accepts and recycles old and used Christmas lights. A dumpster is provided at the annual Rotary Lights display for anyone looking to drop-off lights thanks to a partnership with ‘Alter Recycling.’

While the lights may not work, Club leaders say the copper in the wiring can be sold with money going back into the Rotary Lights program.

“When we can recycle this on here we can get an additional 1,000 to 2,000 dollars when the dumpster is in reasonably good shape on that, and that goes a long way in helping with our mission statement as well,” said Rotary Lights President Pat Stephens.

You can find light donation bins at the Rotary Lights display or outside the Rotary Lights building on Market Street.