Rodgers, Adams praise LT Nijman after Week 3 win

Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, and of course Mason Crosby get a ton of credit for that insane final 37 seconds to beat the 49ers 30-28 Sunday night

But Rodgers and Adams want to make sure another group gets approval at home, and that’s the relatively inexperienced offensive line.

Against that fearsome 49ers front, Rodgers was only pressured five out of 34 dropbacks. Part of it was scheme-related, because the average time Rodgers took to throw was just over two seconds, but there were some longer-developing plays where Rodgers had as clean a pocket as you can get.

So for the two veterans, the unsung hero of the night is third-string left tackle Yosh Nijman, a former undrafted free agent, who didn’t allow a single pressure on Sunday.

“I’m just really proud of the way he battled,” Rodgers said of Nijman. “He’s going up against one of the top three premier pass rushers in the game for most of the game. We gave him some help, because you’ve got to, because [Nick] Bosa’s such a stud, but there were times where he had no help, and I thought he held up really well.”

“When we switched sides of the field for the fourth quarter, he’s walking by me, and I’m just turning everybody up, going crazy, and he looks at me and goes, ‘Man it’s just a blessing to play with you guys. I really enjoy this.’ And I’m just like–it slowed me down for a second and I just got really appreciative for having a teammate like that,” Adams said.

“It’s kind of crazy. He reminds me a little bit of Aaron Jones from a personality standpoint. Early in Aaron’s career, he’d do something and come back to the huddle, and I’d be screaming, ‘Let’s go! Dude I need that from you every time, let’s go!’ And he’d be like, ‘Yes, sir.’ I’m like, Aaron, you don’t have to call me sir in the middle of a game. But Yosh is a hell of a football player, great heart, great teammate all around.”

The Packers next host the 1-2 Steelers this Sunday at 3:25 p.m. on WKBT-TV.