Robotics teams from all over the region meet for a preseason scrimmage

Local high school students met Sunday to prepare for the upcoming robotics season.

High school students from all over the region came to Aquinas High School Sunday to scrimmage against each other.

This year’s theme is called ‘First Power Up’ where teams can score points by placing yellow cubes on three large scales on the around the arena. Aquinas has held this scrimmage for the past seven years.

Directors of the 7 Rivers Coalition say the skills kids learn from robotics go far beyond these competitions.

“The students are learning all sorts of jobs skills that they can be working on later on in life. Our goal here really is to inspire people to take professions that are revolving around this, these high-end STEM professions that are really important to us in the La Crosse area,” said 7 Rivers Robotics Coalition executive director Mark Moulton.