Rivoli Theatre in La Crosse celebrating 101-year-anniversary

The theatre is doing 1920's prices for movie tickets and popcorn for its celebration this Sunday

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A La Crosse landmark is marking a big milestone.

The Rivoli Theatre is celebrating its 101-year-anniversary on Sunday.

It’s one of downtown La Crosse’s historic landmarks that was around even before the first-ever “talkie” movie was shown on the big screen.

“Well, it makes sense,” La Crosse resident Jim Auler said.

“Did not know it was that old, no,” Onalaska resident Paul Ernst said.

“What do you think of that?,” reporter Tyler Job asked.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Ernst said.

Even cooler is for the Rivoli’s special anniversary, associate general manager Sam DeMerit says moviegoers can take advantage of several promotions, including seeing a classic film for as low as a dime.

“We’re doing 1920’s pricing for tickets and popcorn,” DeMerit said.

The celebration is bittersweet because last year marked 100 years since the theatre’s opening, but COVID got in the way.

“We were unfortunately closed for our big centennial celebration that we were hoping to have last year,” DeMerit said. “So we’re doing it up real big for the 101st this year.”

It’s a celebration DeMerit hopes will be a blockbuster hit.

“A lot of folks (are) mentioning their first times that they ever came to the Rivoli,” DeMerit said.

“I remember going and seeing that, aren’t there stars in the ceiling? Star lights? I remember that,” La Crosse resident Sue Knopf said.

“So it’s fun to have another reason for them to come back and celebrate all the good times they’ve had,” DeMerit said.

With more memories soon to be made that will last for years to come.

Movie showings for Sunday include “The Wizard of Oz,” “Jungle Cruise,” and “Nosferatu,” which is a German silent film released in 1922.

If you’re planning on going out to the Rivoli, masks are recommended for anyone who is not fully vaccinated.

DeMerit says the Rivoli is hoping to do some renovations inside and outside after the celebration so that the theatre can keep going for another century.

More information about the 101-year-anniversary celebration can be found here.

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