Riverside Corporate Wellness launches remote healthcare services

The services are in response to the statewide COVID-19 pandemic
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Riverside Corporate Wellness (RCW), a subsidiary of The Weber Group, and the Wisconsin State Department of Health Services have created a website, online screening tool, and health information call center in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a news release from The Weber Group, the website is available today, April 1, to all Wisconsin residents. User responses to screening questions will be assessed for risk and severity by analysis technology and licensed medical professionals from RCW.

Riverside Corporate Wellness will also provide outbound consultation telephone calls to users of the system, in order to answer questions and provide the latest information according to the Center for Disease Control and Wisconsin DHS policies and guidance.

Call Center

The COVID-19 screening service will alleviate the volume of calls and in-person visits to hospitals and information centers statewide during this critical period, by collecting information in both English and Spanish via the Internet through a home computer, tablet, or mobile device. Users will be able to complete their health screenings in under ten minutes and receive information and care materials via the diagnostic tool, powered by licensed practitioners (Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses). Additionally, the use of the screening tool will redirect non-emergency health issues to the appropriate healthcare resources. Access and more information can be found online at www.wihealthconnect.com.

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The remote medical screenings will provide recommendations for self-care, isolation, and guidance on whether further testing and medical attention are required, allowing individuals who believe they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to remain in their homes with medical direction from specially trained medical professionals. Through Wisconsin Health Connect, public access to care and information will bolster Wisconsin’s current Safer-at-Home measures by reducing community transmission risk and encouraging social-distancing measures.

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Patricia Wszolek, Chief Operating Officer of Riverside Corporate Wellness, says “I am extremely proud of our team at RCW for accomplishing the implementation of this expanded telehealth resource for the public during this unprecedented health emergency. The flexibility and progressiveness of RCW to develop and deploy this resource on a large scale, in mere days, is awe-inspiring. The ability to provide additional opportunities for employment and technology-based health solutions for public accessibility is crucial to the strength and wellbeing of our community and the entire state of Wisconsin.”

Ten Registered Nurses and additional licensed health educators have been hired for the launch, and Riverside Corporate Wellness will be adding additional positions in the immediate future due to the urgent capacity considerations of our health systems. If the public has questions or needs related to COVID-19, they are asked to text: COVID19 to 211-211, visit: 211Wisconsin.org, or call: 2-1-1. Due to higher call volumes, visiting 211 Wisconsin online, or text messaging is recommended.