Riverfront, Inc. revamps C.O.R.E. program

Riverfront Incorporated in La Crosse is building confidence for teens with disabilities looking to enter the workforce.

The organization is looking for participants to take part in its 11 week career building program called C.O.R.E. It’s a revamp of a similar program started last fall, which graduated 9 participants.

This year the organization is focusing on teens 16 and up, who are not funded for through state programs like Family Care or IRIS.

“When students were able to determine what they wanted on their own with support, they were most successful ,they were able to stay with the program or stay with their job, it just created more buy in, ” said Ryan Morris from Riverfront, Inc,. 

The program starts next Monday.

For more information on how to sign up head to www.riverfrontinc.org.