Riverfront hosts Miss RemarkABLE Pageant

A group of remarkable women gathered Saturday at the Weber Center.

The second annual Riverfront’s Miss Remarkable pageant was held this afternoon.

The pageant gives women with disabilities a chance to build life skills and self-confidence through educational sessions and on-stage pageant experience.

At the end of the event, one of the 10 participants is crowned Miss Remarkable.

Organizers say the event is a way for the community to see people in a different light.

“These young women participate in our communities in ways that I think people don’t even imagine. So for example Miss Remarkable 2015 holds down three jobs in the community, she loves to fish, ” President and CEO of Riverfront, Mary Kessens said.

There were a total of 10 particpipants in this year’s event.

Here are the names of the Contestants and their Titles:

Contestant #1 – Tina Stading – Title – Miss Positive

Contestant #2 – Brittany Beranek – Title – Miss Creative

Contestant #3 – Teresa Kocimski – Title – Miss Ambitious

Contestant #4 – Abby Britain – Title – Miss Charming

Contestant #5 – Tara Sanders – Title – Miss Kind Hearted

Contestant #6 – Amanda Lokken – Title – Miss Astonishing

Contestant #7 – Sydney Fitzpatrick – Title – Miss Adventurous

Contestant #8 – Holly Baillargeon – Title – Miss Genuine

Contestant #9 – Anna Krogman – Title – Miss Cheerful

Contestant #10 – Renee Cappetto – Title – Miss RemarkAble