River Vault brings high flying sport to Riverfest

Riverfest goers had the chance to see athletes taking to the air in an unusual venue.

The annual River Vault competition is a chance for people of all ages, heights and abilities to show off their vaulting skills.

Now in its 9th year, the competition draws competitors from six states.

The event is a great way to introduce spectators to the sport and competitors to the area.

“A lot of them come a couple days early and came in on the 4th and I got them their stuff so they could come in and partake in a lot of different stuff and they make a weekend out of it, make a vacation,” said Jeremiah Burish, Director of Sports Sales and Events with Explore La Crosse.

If you missed the action Friday, you still have another chance.

Vaulters will be back in action at Riverside Park Saturday morning.