Ringing in the new year with a resolution


With only four days left in the year, people are starting to think about how they want to change in 2020. Popular resolutions include things like eating healthy, exercising, and doing something new.

We talked to a few people in La Crosse to see how they plan to start off the new decade.

Kari Hall said, “Boy, that’s a great question. I’m open for suggestions!”

“Eat healthier and make new friends and go out of my comfort zone,” Ellie Kline said.

“I’m going to train a lot harder for wrestling and potentially…hopefully, become a state champ,” said Evan Meeker

“Treat my wife a little bit better, buy her all the wonderful gifts she wants,” Joe Koch said.

Emilee Swanson said, “When I don’t want to do something I have to push myself to do it because I give up a lot. I want to stick with wrestling. Today I won two matches, and I’m proud of myself because I’m a girl wrestler. That’s my New Year’s resolution.”