Ribbon Cutting event opens boardwalk at La Crosse County Landfill

The boardwalk is Zach Mayer's Eagle Scout project

A project that has been in the works since last November at the La Crosse County Landfill is finally complete thanks to one prospective Eagle Scout.

Seventeen-year-old Zach Mayer started as a Cub Scout in first grade and is now finishing up his project to be an Eagle Scout.

He decided to team up with local government and WisCorps to build a portion of a boardwalk through the La Crosse County Landfill.

Mayer said he has been working towards this goal for more than a decade and it’s great to finally see it come to fruition.

“Doing a project like this is really fulfilling. It’s helping the community and it’s something I can come back in 10 to 20 years and say look I did this,” said Mayer.

The chair of the La Crosse County board of supervisors says Mayer’s project is only one step in the boardwalk project which she hopes eventually will connect the whole area.

“Eventually we will connect all the way from here through the city of La Crosse and Hixon forest. Eventually wouldn’t it be great if it got to Goose Island so the whole county is connected through this pathway system,” said Tara Johnson.

Another prospective Eagle Scout presented his completed project on Saturday as well. It’s a snake hibernaculum, which is a winter shelter for snakes.