Ribbon cutting ceremony held for Lake Onalaska Overlook

Overlook expected to bring more tourists to the lake

A popular destination in our area received a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday.

The Lake Onalaska Overlook was completed last fall.

The La Crosse District of the Upper Mississippi River national Wildlife and Fish Refuge held the ceremony to celebrate the completion of the overlook and a number of renovations to the tourist destination.

One official says that while the area’s beauty has always been an attraction people are often drawn to the beauty of the river.

“So to have that connection, it’s just touching for us, it’s touching to the community, it’s important to the community, it’s a destination and it makes us even more of a destination,” said La Crosse District Upper Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Refuge Manager Kendra Niemec.

The overlook cost about $300,000 to complete.