Residents, business owners voice concerns about road construction

Residents and business owners are worried about the impact of the Jackson Street closure.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Construction on Jackson Street begins Tuesday, and some residents and business owners are worried about the impacts of the construction and design.

Members of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a meeting on Monday to talk about how the construction will take place along Jackson Street.

Residents voiced their concerns about how the addition of bike lanes will eliminate parking spaces along the street.

Business owners, including the owner of wine and coffee shop Java Vino, are concerned about how the project will impact income since the closed road will make it more difficult for customers to reach their business.

Because this isn’t a full-scale rebuild of the roadway, there could be more construction in the future.

Project Manager Brian Meyer with WisDOT says, “we’re doing a maintenance project, it’s not a full reconstruct, and obviously a maintenance project is not going to last as long as a brand new facility does.”

The expected completion date for the Jackson Street project is October 22nd.