Research shows vitamins and supplements may have no clear benefit

Dietitian: If you're eating a balanced diet you should be just fine without them

A lot of times people take vitamins and supplements to help prevent a chronic disease.

However, new research from three separate studies is showing those multivitamins aren’t doing their job. After years of research scientist found there was no clear health benefit in taking them.

Despite an increase in the number of people taking supplements and vitamins over the years doctors say living a healthy lifestyle could be just as effective if not more.

“You know vitamin and mineral supplements are important if you’re lacking in a vitamin or mineral. However, if you’re eating a balance diet with variety and moderation, you should be just fine without,” said Gundersen Health System Registered Dietitian Valerie Pampuch.

In 2010 the US supplement industry’s annual sales grew to about $28 billion.