Republican Brad Beyer joins race to represent Wisconsin in U.S. Senate

MILWAUKEE (WKBT) — Republican Brad Beyer launched his campaign for U.S. Senate Wednesday.

Beyer announced his candidacy through an online video in which he says he will be a leader and restore the GOP to being “the party of ideas.” Several Democrats are also campaigning for the seat held by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson, who has not publically said whether or not he will run for a third term.

In Beyer’s statement, he praised Johnson and pledged to run for only two terms — a promise Johnson also made during his initial Senate campaign.

“I commend our retiring Senator, Ron Johnson, on his public commitment to term limit himself and not seek re-election. I further pledge that same commitment to term limit myself to two terms just as Senator Johnson has, ensuring I, like him, also remain focused on the limited time of two terms to get things done for Wisconsin. This is a promise you can hold me to. I am running because we need to have a fighter, a doer, and a consensus builder in the Senate. One who will stand for Wisconsin values and bring the Midwestern work ethic to secure our future to Washington,” Beyer said in his video.

Johnson has not said he is retiring.

“No, I have not made my decision. Mr. Beyer’s announcement will have no impact on what or when I decide,” Johnson said Wednesday in a statement.

Beyer’s announcement said his main priorities will be supporting vocational studies in high schools, fighting against widespread mask requirements and COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and keeping manufacturing businesses in the state. Beyer also says Second Amendment rights are a priority.

“He wholeheartedly believes that ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’ and will be a pro-gun voice for Wisconsin,” according to his campaign announcement.

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