Republican Candidate Steve Toft running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 3rd District

Toft was born and raised on a farm in West Central Wisconsin.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army where his career spanned 32 years, working his way from Private to Colonel.

Toft’s time in the Army involved serving in active war zones, responding to natural disasters and working with the Veterans Administration. Now he wants to represent the 3rd District in Washington.

WKBT talked with Toft. He said, “I got a call. It said, ‘Steve, you know, you’re a leader, a veteran in the military, and a healthcare expert. And we think that that’s the kind of experience that we need in our elected representatives.”

It says on Toft’s website, www., that he never planned to be a politician, but after serving the country for 32 years he says it was time to stand again and serve.