Representative Kind hears from local voters in La Crosse

Listening session hosted at American Legion

Some of the same concerns are being discussed in La Crosse today.

Wisconsin Representative Ron Kind hosted a listening session of his own this afternoon at La Crosse’s American Legion Post 52.

Area democrats and republicans voiced their concerns about topics ranging from the Affordable Care Act repeal to the President’s travel ban and immigration enforcement orders. Those concerned about a repeal of the ACA say at least some parts need to be re- implemented.

“We just need to make sure that parts of it are replaced, especially the lifetime caps for insurance companies that were nixed with the Affordable Care Act,” said Chaseburg resident Dennie Degarmo.

Representative Kind says he tries to host a listening session in each county he represents annually. The congressman hopes the sessions help him bring mid- western values to the nation’s capital.

“It helps me be a better representative, getting feedback from people, what they’re concerns are, what ideas they want to share. I’ve found some of the best ideas I’ve encountered come from right back home, good, old-fashioned Wisconsin values. That’s what I hope to be able to take with me out to Washington as we deliberate the major issues of the day,” said Representative Kind.

Kind hosted another session at UW-La Crosse earlier in the day. Students were able to talk about rising tuition costs and student loans.