Representative Kind addresses tariff impact

The impact of international tariffs and trade disputes on local businesses was discussed at an event in La Crosse.

Wisconsin federal Representative Ron Kind toured La Crosse’s Crown Beverage Packaging Tuesday.

During the visit, Kind learned how import and export tariffs could soon affect product prices and sales.

Kind also emphasized the need for open markets so Wisconsin farmers and businesses can succeed.

“I’m really concerned that as long as these tariffs continue more companies like Crown Cork are going to find themselves in a less competitive position moving forward, and possibly starting to lose some of the product line that they have today,” said Representative Ron Kind.

Kind says two major things happening in the country show how ineffective these tariffs have been on improving U.S. business.

First, at least 8,000 companies are asking for exemptions from the steel and aluminum import tariffs.

He also says a $12 billion relief package for farmers because of the tariffs would actually borrow money from China.