WIAA releases guidelines for summer activities

The WIAA has released summer activity guidelines as area schools prepare for summer coaching contact beginning July 1.

These guidelines are very similar to the ones the National Federation of State High School Association released three weeks ago, which News 8 Now Sports also reported on.

The guidelines prioritize minimizing respiratory droplet transfer between participants. They group different sports into different levels of risk and emphasize how to use safe guidelines while bringing the activity back, such as sanitation and the use of masks.

The release says the organization has shared these guidelines with ADs, principals and district administrators to all member schools. Each district administrator will judge whether or not athletic activities can happen while complying with local health department guidelines.

We have reached out to local schools for comment on the guidelines. One Dairyland Conference school told News 8 Now Sports there’s a lot to digest in the guidelines, but that small schools in our area should have a much easier time accommodating the guidelines.

The full set of guidelines is available on the WIAA’s website.

The WIAA created the guidelines with help from the governor’s office, the Department of Public Instruction and Department of Health Services.