Report: Significant drop in child E.R. visits because of cold meds

A new report shows a significant drop in the number of E.R. visits for kids who have taken over the counter cold and cough medication.

A change in recommendations for who should take the medications is being credited for the drop.

Drug manufacturers say the medication should not be given to kids four and under.

Pediatricians at Gundersen Health system don’t advise kids of any age take the medication saying it’s not effective on children and can cause serious side effects.

They say there are a number of natural remedies parents can use to treat their kids. “Maybe honey, that is a good cough suppressant for kids, humidification, increasing fluids may thin your secretions, for little babies elevating the head of their bed,” said Kay Johnson from Pediatrics at Gundersen.

A recent study shows four in 10 parents reported giving cough medicine or multi-symptom cough and cold medicine to children under 4.