Rep. Steve Doyle, former Rep. Lee Nerison selected as the 2021 LeaderEthics-Wisconsin Award recipients

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Two western Wisconsin leaders were recognized Tuesday for their ethical leadership in politics.

Rep. Steve Doyle (D-La Crosse) and former Republican Rep. Lee Nerison were selected as the 2021 LeaderEthics Wisconsin Award recipients.

Despite being part of different parties, Doyle and Nerison have worked together on a number of bills to support the needs of western Wisconsinites.

Last year, Doyle was named the most bipartisan assembly representative by the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

Nerison served as the assembly representative for the 96th District from 2004 through 2018.

He’s known for making decisions based on what he thinks is right, even if that means crossing party lines.

In 2011 he was one of only five Republicans who did not support Act 10; stating that he made his vote based on how his constituents felt about the issue.

LeaderEthics-Wisconsin said the two have been role models for the four principles of ethical leadership: honesty, transparency, unification, and commitment to their constituency.