Rep. Ron Kind calling for bipartisan investigation into VA

Wisconsin Representative Ron Kind is calling for a deeper investigation into the alleged cover-ups at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Kind is asking for a bipartisan investigation of the issue, featuring leaders with military backgrounds.

At least 26 VA Hospitals are being closely examined for extensive wait times leading to the deaths of several veterans.

So far, there’s no evidence suggesting those problems at Wisconsin or Minnesota hospitals.

Congressman Kind is convinced there’s high quality care in this area.

“During the course of the day, when I was over at Tomah, in the clinics at La Crosse, I spoke specifically to the veterans who are going in to get treatment, to get feedback from them. All of them had high praise as far as the care and the treatment that they were receiving,” said Kind.

He also says he would call for the VA secretary’s resignation if an investigation shows he failed to act while knowing about the delays.