Rep. Kind supports bill that would send $500 billion to roads nationwide

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–The road to rebuilding after COVID-19 may be a long one, and for Representative Ron Kind it starts with rebuilding our roads.

“This is not a Republican, Democrat, or Independent issue. It’s what we need to do together to rebuild Wisconsin, rebuild America the way we can,” said Kind.

Kind voted for the Moving Forward Act, a bill that would put $500 billion dollars to repairing the country’s roads and infrastructure.

“Without federal help, the next fiscal year is going to be very difficult to meet the standards we’ve already set in the last budget,” Wisconsin Secretary of Transportation Craig Thompson said.

He explained that 25% of the state’s transportation budget comes from the federal government, and that over 40% of road work comes from federal funding.

“The federal component to this is so important,” he added.

Thompson also says a bill like this could create jobs.

“We’ve seen in America before that we’ve had economic downturns, investing in our infrastructure is a proven way to get people to work and get the country moving forward.”

But the road for this bill to become a law may be rocky, as negotiations are underway with the Trump administration.

“The president seems interested but until you get a bill moving that’s what brings the focus to the issue. And that’s exactly what we did by bringing this to the house of representatives,” explained Kind.

Conservatives in Congress have taken issue with the bill’s focus on limiting pollution, and a majority of republicans in the house voted against the bill.

“Climate change is real, it’s going to leave to more extreme weather events. Either we pay for it now, or there will be a tremendous price to pay later,” said Kind.

Negotiations continue to prevent this bill’s future from running into a roadblock.