Rep. Kind announces support for Iran deal

Ron Kind says the JCPOA is the best option

Congressman Ron Kind announced his support for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Tuesday. A vote is expected in Congress on the resolution later this week.

“I have carefully studied the text of the agreement, attended classified briefings, reviewed classified documents compiled by Intelligence agencies, listened to the thoughts and concerns of Wisconsinites, and met with experts on both sides of the issue, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a recent trip to Israel. Although the agreement is not a perfect solution to a complex problem, I believe the JCPOA is the best option in order to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons,” Kind says.

The JCPOA prevents Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and places limitations on their nuclear program.

Democrats gave President Barack Obama the votes he needs to prevent the Senate from passing a measure disapproving of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday.