Renters told to move out of La Crosse’s Maple Grove Motel ahead of possible sale to the city

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- Renters at La Crosse’s Maple Grove Motel are moving out, but it’s unclear if anyone else is moving in.

In February, the La Crosse Common Council approved a plan to buy the motel and use it as a temporary shelter for the homeless. But that plan was put on hold on March 14th when the building inspection revealed several defects. The motel’s owner had until Monday, March 28th to make the repairs.

Moving trucks were outside the building on Tuesday, March 29th. News 8 Now spoke with some of the motel’s current renters as they loaded their vehicles with their belongings.  Audrey didn’t want to speak on camera but said the owner told her, she had to move out of the motel because the sale with the city was going forward. She also said she was moving to another hotel with help from Coulee Cap.

News 8 Now contacted the motel owner. She had no comment.

Mayor Mitch Reynolds did not reply to our request for comment.

News 8 Now spoke with three council members by phone. They say they also tried to contact city staff and are still waiting for an update.

When asked about renters moving out, the city’s homeless coordinator released this statement: “I would assume that is for the current owner of Maple Grove. The city is still working through the process of buying/not buying with the current owner. If the city were to take over, we are not asking people who have not been able to find alternative living situations to leave, ” writes Brian Sampson.