Renovation costs on new La Crosse Co. admin. building more than expected

Health & Human Services Dept. needs more spaced than planned

It will cost more than expected for La Crosse County to move into its new office space.

The county will eventually be moving into the building currently occupied by Associated Bank on State Street in La Crosse.

The project will cost slightly more than expected because the Health and Human Services department will need more space than originally planned.

The La Crosse County administrator says the expansion of the plan was necessary because of how many services are going to be provided.

“La Crosse is the center to a larger region of services. We need to be able to provide that service and at the same time maximize non-local revenue sources to pay for that increased scope,” said Steve O’Malley.

The extra space will be paid for by federal and state revenue so it’s not expected to raise the county tax levy.

The county hopes to move into the renovated Associated Bank building by the end of next year.