ReNEW Powell-Hood-Hamilton wraps up

Volunteers worked to clean up a south side neighborhood in La Crosse this weekend.

ReNEW Powell-Hood-Hamilton is a month long project that started at the beginning of May to fix and clean up properties and encourage residents to make their community a better place to live.

The goal was to work on 20 properties but volunteers blew past it, finishing 40 projects at about 30 different properties.

The ReNEW organizer says she hopes the effort will jump-start a long-lasting commitment to improving the community.

“Over the month we’ve gotten more and more fo the actual residents rom the neighborhood getting involved and that’s really what we wanted is to get everybody together and as a community it’s really just bringing everybody together,” said Amanda Acklin, director of Habitat for Humanity.


One of the final projects Sunday was a landscaping project around Hamilton Elementary School. At least 20 people showed up to help out.

The owner of a local landscaping company who headed up the project and says it’s encouraging to see the hard work paying off.

“It is very exciting to see all the projects being finally finalized today and how much the renew project has made a difference in La Crosse county,” said Bryan Rensberry, owner of Well Grounded Landscape.

The ReNEW organizers say they will continue working on projects around the community.