ReNew La Crosse celebrates neighborhood revitalization efforts

Weeks of efforts to revitalize a La Crosse neighborhood are wrapping up with a block party celebration.

With the event at Copeland Park, ReNew La Crosse Neighborhoods 2017 is thanking the more than 100 volunteers who helped with almost 30 projects improving the appearance of the lower Northside and Depot neighborhood over the past four weekends.

The Loggers-sponsored party invited neighbors out for food, games and fun, all to celebrate a job well done.

“It’s been hot these last few weekends, and it’s been sweaty work, and they’ve been hauling mulch and digging garden beds,” said Kahya Fox, executive director of the La Crosse-area Habitat for Humanity. “They show up every single weekend, and they pitch in and help, and that’s just an amazing testament to the community and the people we have around here.”

ReNew has been collaborating with area groups including Habitat for Humanity on neighborhood revitalization for the past five years.