‘Release and Healing’ ceremony helps those affected by suicide

Tomah VA helping more than 35 veterans with suicidal tendencies

In 2011 more than 39,000 people in the US took their own lives.

With September being Suicide Prevention Month the Tomah VA is helping their loved ones heal.

The medical center held a “Release and Healing” ceremony in its chapel Tuesday night. The ceremony helps veterans and people affected by suicide find closure.

The service not only a way to help heal emotional wounds but it was a way to support others in crisis.

Right now the VA is helping more than 35 veterans who are at high risk for suicidal tendencies.

“Here they are, they came back they survived. They see the family members of those that didn’t and feel a lot of guilt and a lot of shame surprisingly,” said Suicide Prevention Coordinator Jacqueline Bernard.

If you would like more information on suicide prevention go to www.afsp.org.