Red Cross volunteer among those affected by flooding

One person who has spent years helping people recover after disasters is now one those people needing help.

Laurie Deflorian volunteers for the Red Cross and says she was stuck at her home in Coon Valley for a couple of days last week after a creek overran its banks and covered her driveway with rushing water. Her finished basement was also flooded.

Despite dealing with clean up of her own, Deflorian still returned to the Red Cross this week to help other flood victims.

“I guess everybody could use a little help now and then, and I wasn’t as affected as badly as some people, so I was able to take care of what I could at home and then that freed me up to come and help other people who were affected more severely than I was,” said Deflorian.

She says she and her husband got cleaning supplies from the Red Cross, but luckily don’t need financial assistance.