Red Cross launches app to recruit volunteers

The American Red Cross launched a new app to get people to volunteer more and teach them about different jobs. 

When Red Cross needs a volunteer, the “Team Red Cross App” will notify users based on their location and the user can instantly accept or decline the volunteer opportunity. 

“When people see an emergency happening in their community, they often want to help but may not know how,” said Linda Soltis-Schroeder, volunteer coordinator for the Scenic Bluffs Chapter of the American Red Cross. “The Team Red Cross App provides an easy and quick way for people to sign up to help the Red Cross and support their community.”

The app will also explain the different ways volunteers can help.

“It’s great understanding and recognizing the importance of social networking and emergency information through handheld mobile devices to keep people prepared in their community and also allows them the opportunity to help in times of disaster,” says Ben Hein, the disaster services manager.

The app is free and can be downloaded on iPhone and Android smart phones and tablets.