Recovery efforts following local flood damage made possible by Red Cross volunteers

Brought in about 80 volunteers

Much of the recovery efforts in our area following recent storm damage would not have been possible without volunteers.

The American Red Cross moved about 80 volunteers to our area as wide spread flooding impacted local communities last week. The volunteers coming from across the country helped with many pieces of the recovery effort, including sheltering, planning, and transportation.

Local Red Cross officials say each volunteer brings a unique skill-set.

“But that’s what we need, you know, we need that kind of skill level. And then, to keep cool under pressure because with disasters you have to be flexible cause you just don’t know what’s going to happen and what the need’s going to be the next day,” said Red Cross of Wisconsin Chief Operating Officer Tom Mooney.

The American Red Cross is also providing damage assessments for people in need to determine if they need additional help. You can find out how to request an assessment by calling the Red Cross at (866) 515-4548.