Reckless driver arrested at Black River Falls Walmart

Aaron Lowe was in possession of a loaded firearm on the property

Black River Falls police arrested a 20-year-old man who was in possession of a loaded shotgun on Walmart’s property.

Police were called to the Walmart on State Highway 54 at about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 20 for a report of a man driving recklessly, almost striking people. Once the vehicle was parked, an employee checked the vehicle and found an uncased shotgun in the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Black River Falls resident Aaron Lowe. Black River Falls police said after Lowe got out of his vehicle, he was described as upset and went into Walmart and demanded to speak to an ex-girlfriend.  Walmart staff moved the woman to a safe place in the building as law enforcement was contacted.

When Lowe exited the store, authorities ordered him to the ground. Lowe was arrested without incident. Officers found a loaded 12 gauge shotgun in Lowe’s vehicle.

Lowe told officers he only wanted to speak with the woman as they share a child from their previous relationship. Further investigation found Lowe had been constantly pursuing her to the point of causing a previous disturbance in the work place.

Lowe is being held on charges of 2nd degree recklessly endangering safety and disorderly conduct.

Walmart’s “quick notification to the police department may very well have prevented a very tragic outcome,” Chief LaBarbera said. “If Mr. Lowe would have made it back to the loaded firearm, one could only imagine what may have transpired.”