Recent snowfall came just in time for Winter Snowshoe Hike

The Mississippi Valley Conservancy held a Winter Snowshoe Hike Saturday morning.

Hikers could borrow snowshoes or bring their own to step out on the freshly fallen snow at the New Amsterdam Grasslands Nature Preserve.

The conservancy’s executive director, Carol Abrahamzon, said that the preserve was one of their first projects.

She said it’s important to protect rare habitats like grasslands for both wildlife and humans to enjoy.

“Everybody’s aware that development is taking place everywhere, and we need to have some development. But we also need to be very thoughtful about that development and where it takes place . . . to preserve lands like this for people to come out and enjoy not just today but every day for many, many years into the future,” said Abrahamzon.

The conservancy holds hikes like this about once a month, including a romantic February hike.

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