REACT Center trains nations youth for when disaster strikes

CAMP DOUGLAS, Wis. (WKBT)- The Regional Emergency All-Climate Training Center or the REACT Center is Located at Volk Field Air Base in Camp Douglas.

Special Operation Teams come from all over the country to train for when disaster strikes.

It doesn’t matter the age, the training officers at REACT want to make sure everyone’s prepared.

Earthquakes, chemical leaks, or even an airplane crash, it doesn’t matter the kind of disaster, the REACT Center is going to make sure you’re ready.

“We’re a technical rescue training facility, that specializes in man-made and natural disasters and we can support all-hazard training as well,” said REACT Training Officer, Dorothy Bristor.

Military members and urban search and rescue teams are just some of the people who train and learn from the emergency response experts.

This week, kids from across the country are at Volk Field Air Base for the REACT Center’s, Responding to Emergencies Disasters with Youth, READY Camp.

“I really like how you can learn really valuable life-long skills such as first aid, we get certified in CPR and Stop the bleed, which is just really great to bring back to your community,” said 5th-year camper, Jordyn Czyzewski.

Agencies from across the state trained and taught the youth about different disasters that can happen during an earthquake.

The kids take the skills they learn from the mock disasters and bring them back home into their own communities.

“We have READY teams in our community. We actually work on disaster preparedness and we actually go out and educate others. Sometimes we actually go and teach other schools kids how to provide hands-only CRP and so were able to take those skills back into our community that way,” said Czyzewski.

Training Officers at REACT say they don’t teach these things in school so it’s important to expose the youth to these disasters and skills.

“We need our future generations to develop an interest in it and see if they have a passion. Most of us who work here knew from the start that this was something we wanted to do, that it was a very unique interesting field and we wanted to help others,” said Bristor.