Rainfall leading to higher risk for mosquito disease

Disease-carrying mosquitoes starting to emerge

The recent rainfall makes for a ripe breeding ground for mosquitoes.

While you’ve probably already noticed mosquitoes hatching for awhile now, experts say this is the time of year disease-carrying mosquitoes begin to emerge. The threat of West Nile Virus is expected to be higher across the country this year, and encephalitis is also a concern.

La Crosse County Vector Control Monitor Joey Writz says the mosquitoes that carry those diseases tend to hatch from specific areas of standing water, which can pop up after periods of heavy rain like this morning.

“Those ones are found more in smaller containers or in, well in nature they’re found in tree holes. But now with more urban settings people leave containers out or unrimmed tires is a big problem, too,” said Writz.

Mosquitoes live in the same area where they hatch and don’t stray from that location.

For that reason, experts say the best defense is to make sure you get rid of any standing water in your yard.