Rain keeps planes on ground for airshow

32nd annual Max Conrad Fly-in Drive-in Aviation Show rained out

Planes stayed on the ground for Sunday’s 32nd annual Max Conrad Fly-in Drive-in Aviation Show at the Winona Municipal Airport due to rain.

Despite the weather, co-organizer Steven Buswell said a couple hundred people still made it out for breakfast in the hangar, and young kids got to try out “flying” their own toy airplanes.

This is the third year in a row the airshow was canceled. Buswell said last year they were repaving the runway and Mother Nature got in the way the event before that.

Buswell said the gathering is about more than just the show.

“We are really one of the last true grassroots aviation airshows, so it’s really not even about the airshow anymore. It’s really about the community event. There are a lot of people who aren’t pilots that come to this,” he said. “It’s all about another gathering.”

Visitors were also able to check out a jet plane and an engine from a World War II trainer biplane.

Jim Schultz, the man who brought in the 1940s engine, says the event has become a family tradition.

“I have my wife and granddaughter with,” he said. “It’s fun. It’s a good show. We’ve always enjoyed coming up even when it canceled out.”

Buswell said the airport is newly remodeled, with an expanded runway.

Organizers hope next year the weather will be kinder to them.