Railroad hobby sale has something for everyone

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A local event is bringing train enthusiasts to La Crosse.

The 4000 foundation hosted its 29th annual Great Tri-State Rail Sale at the La Crosse Center on Saturday.

It’s the Tri-State’s largest one-day railroad hobby sale, and there’s something for everyone.

More than 250 booths are sold toy and antique train models, railroad memorabilia, and more.

The event celebrates the area’s railroad heritage, which has a rich history.

“The railroad heritage in our community, the railroad industry, there was five different railroads a one time that served La Crosse. A lot of families have their roots in the railroad industry,” said Mark Hamre, President of the 4000 Foundation.

The proceeds from the sale are used to maintain and restore the La Crosse Short Line Railroad Heritage Museum in Copeland Park.